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The plan is an essential part of how we plan our work to serve our community

What is a Strategic Plan?

The plan sets out our strategic aims for our services, the environment, social responsibilities, culture & sport, economic regeneration, and governance from 2018-2021.

What are our aims?

Below you will find a selection of our stated aims.

For a full list of our aims and proposed actions download our Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

Our Services

Our aims include:

The Environment

Our aims include:

  • Develop a 3-5 year management plan for open spaces
  • Expanding our allotment provision
  • Develop partnerships with other bodies with a shared interest in our built environment
  • Encourage new uses for vacant retail premises

Social Responsibility

Our aims include:

  • Continue to support Pengarth Day Centre for the benefit of older people in our community
  • Facilitate the expansion of the Youth Information, Advice, Counselling Service YIACS in the parish
  • Continue our relationship with St Petroc’s and the Breadline Centre
  • Promote improved accessibility for those with physical or sensory impairments
  • Continue working with partners to ensure public spaces are safe for everyone

Culture & Sport

Our aims include:

  • To determine a clear vision for the long-term support of Penlee House
  • Inspire and engage more people to raise the profile or art and heritage in Cornwall
  • Work with partners to improve marketing for local events
  • Promote civic events within the local community
  • Promote our small grants scheme for local community groups and associations

Environmental & Economic Regeneration

Our aims include:


Our aims include:

  • Develop a robust Council communication strategy to reach out to our electorate
  • Encourage participation in Councillor elections
  • Encourage the public to engage with Council meetings
  • Encourage Councillors to run Ward drop-in sessions

Our Partners & Who We Support