The Town that Turned its Back on Plastic

They call them 'mermaid's tears' in Penzance, the small plastic pellets that line the beach at low tide along with a seemingly endless flotsam of plastic bottles and bags snarled up on the seashore.  

As she picks up the lids of Christmas chocolate boxes that have materialised overnight like frisbees on the town's main beach, Rachel Yates recalls the other more exotic forms of detritus she encounters on the shingle: platoons of toy soldiers, a severed Halloween finger and the remnants of 4.8m Lego pieces dumped off the coast of Land's End by the container ship Tokio Express during a storm in 1997 which still get washed up today.  

"It is just this excessive consumption, and so much of it is stuff we don't need to buy in the first place" she says Read More