Stay at home, Save Lives, Protect our NHS


As the Easter weekend continues with the fine weather I am worried that we are all getting tired of the restrictions on our movements.

So, I am asking you all to stay at home this weekend – even as the temperatures rise.

I know that the vast majority of us are complying with the lockdown measures and those who are not are a tiny minority.

With the spring advancing and the evenings get lighter it will get more and more difficult to respect the lockdown rules with every day that passes.

We all know that we won’t have to keep this going any longer than necessary if we all stick to the rules.

It is necessary and it is vital that we don’t relax our vigilance prematurely – coronavirus hasn’t gone away – this can be seen from the daily figures and if we do stop prematurely then we will see the virus start to spread out of control very quickly.

If we all start going to parties and to the beach and to each others homes then the spread of the virus will overpower our NHS and we will see the number of people who are losing their lives rise even higher than the horrible numbers I update our website with every day.

That is why it is so very important that we stick with this.

People refer to our NHS as the front line.

This is a phrase we use in times of war and, make no mistake, this is a war so I totally get the use of war terminology.

However the wonderful staff in our NHS are not the front line in this battle – they are our last line of defence and we must, all of us, work hard to make sure that the battle doesn’t get that far.
We can, all of us, play our part and we MUST all play our part.
The front line of this epidemic is us – the community. We must rise to the challenge of keeping us all safe.

We all have to stand guard.

Us as a community staying at home is the front line.
The second line of defence – the bus drivers and posties and police officers and bin men and council workers and pcsos making sure our society doesn’t collapse into anarchy, and all those working in shops so we can keep ourselves and our families fed – all of these guys are an equally essential part of our defences against C-19 as well.

But we must not forget that we, as a community, are the front line and it’s up to us all to make sure that our heroic last line of defence, our NHS, is not overwhelmed because of our inaction, our selfishness, our complacency.

Stay at Home, Save lives, protect our last line of defence.