Race for Life Launch


Penzance Cancer survivor Corinne Gerrard, together with Mayor of Penzance, Dick Cliffe, and Race for Life Devon & Cornwall Event Manager, Amy Salmon, helping to launch Race for Life following its two year break in the town.


For Corinne Gerrard taking part in the Penzance Race for Life has special meaning - this time she will be volunteering behind the start line rather than in front of it.  "It's thanks to Race of Life that I got into running," said Corinne, who is a member of Hayle Running Club.  She will also be marking her own 5 year recovery from breast cancer.

Corinne, 47, moved from South Manchester to Hayle not long after her diagnosis and says it is the best move she has made.

She explained: "I had my first experience of Race for Life in Richmond, London, when a friend asked if I would take part with her.  I had never ran in my life, I had asthma.  I didn't own any running shoes and so I decided to prepare and started to get fit at weekends so I wouldn't let my friend down.  Little did I know that my friend hadn't bothered with any training," Corinne laughed.  "She turned up on the day and told me she wanted to walk it ... so that was my first introcudtion to Race for Life."

That was when she was in her early 30s.  Over a ten year period Corinne has signed up to more Race for Life events and has gone on to challenge herself in a 10K, and numerous half marathons as well as two london Marathons.

But aged 42, she was dagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast.  Following treatment, which included a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy, she decided on a life change and moved to Cornwall.

Having taken a break from running whilst undergoing treatment, she got back into the sport and discovered Hayle Running Club.

"It's a really sociable club and having moved here with no friends, I soon found a great bunch of people," said Corinne.  "When the opportunity arose to take on the role of volunteer course manager for the Penzance Race of Life I jumped at the chance."  And she is calling on local women to sign up too and join the fight against the disease.

Penzance Race for Life has made a come-back after a two year break.  Women of all ages and abilities are being invited to enter the 5K event, which will start at the harbour car park in Penzance on Wednesday June 6, at 7.30pm.

Research has led to an improved understanding of the biology and causes of cancer.  This in turn has led to discovering better ways to prevent, daiagnose and treat the disease - all helping to save lives.

Some of the landmark advances in treatment include tamoxifen for breast cancer and cisplatin for testicular cancer, developments which both involved Cancer Research UK researchers playing a key role.

Every day around 90 people are diagnosed with cancer in the South West.

Amy Salmon, Cancer Research UK's event manager in Penzance, said: "Money raised through Race for Life is helpin to drive reaserach to help beat over 200 different types of cancer - that's why every step, every person and every peny raised counts."

To enter Race of Life today visit raceforlife.org or call 0300 123 0770

Cancer Research UK receives no government funding for its ground-breaking work, but with help from the people of the South West, the charity intends to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.