Penzance deputy town crier begins weekly town cry. A message for Penzance.

Penzance deputy town crier Phil Northcott begins weekly town cry for the people of Penzance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Phil would normally be very busy at this time of year with civic events and wanted to communicate some of the good things that were happening in Penzance.  With the cancellation of events around Penzance as a result of coronavirus, he instead is doing a weekly cry online giving messages and thanks people who are supporting others in the town.

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Oyez Oyez Oyez

Good people of Penzance, a brief moment of your time.

I stand here today to educate and humour with rhyme

We have awakened to find ourselves in a strange new land

Where tis now a crime to meet, hug and hold hand

Hold fast dear listeners tis all for the best

We all need to be patient before this evil can be put to rest

People of Penzance tis my duty to inform

Of the following facts to help you conform

Parks are open but playgrounds are not

Allotments are also open in case you’ve forgot

Councillor Nicole Broadhurst will remain our Mayor under new rules

With Councillor Penny Young deputising and assuredly neither are fools

Changes to protocols and procedures enforced by this emergency

All civil servants working hard and with great urgency

Our Lady Mayor and her wise council wish their thanks to be passed

To those in our community giving their time unsurpassed

The volunteers organising and delivering food to those in need

Should be held in high account for each selfless deed

The binmen, the shop worker, the bus driver, the postie

All risking themselves when they could be home sitting toastie

they really are on a crucial mission,

and truly deserve our heartfelt recognition

May we all be deeply thankful for those angels in blue

The NHS and care workers that look after thee, me and you

Please join us all outside this evening to thank them at eight

But remember please no further than your gate!

God Save The Queen