Helping our Community with our Social Action Fund

Penzance Council has started making grant payments to local organisations and groups helping our community as part of a package of support to help us all get through this emergency.

Around £10,000 has already been paid out with more to come over the following weeks.

To make sure that Penzance Council can ensure the money gets to where it is most needed it is vital that those who have not already submitted an application form for their community activity do so as soon as possible so that Penzance Council can provide them with the support they need.

Any groups who feel they might be eligible for a grant are strongly urged to do so

The initial payments we have made are part of an estimated £40,000 package of support provided by Penzance Council to those groups and organisations that are working to help all of our local community get through this crisis.

Penzance Council is also working with Cornwall Council to provide support to those especially vulnerable member of our community.

In addition to this the council is requesting additional funding from central government and Cornwall Council to support Penzance’s economy once the pandemic is over to ensure Penzance can return to being a vibrant town. Working in partnership with Penzance Bid, Penzance Regeneration Partnership and the Towns Fund Deal Board work is underway to establish a long term plan to help the local economy recover once the current situation is resolved, ensuring Penzance remains a great place to do business.

Penzance Council has been able to speed up its internal processes to make payments as quickly as possible to those supporting our town during the pandemic.

Councillor Nicole Broadhurst, Mayor of Penzance , said: “Penzance Council has started to make grant payments to those small groups and organisations that are such a big part of our town’s character and economy.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has had a staggering impact nationally and we know our local businesses and local people have felt that impact too. We are proud to be able to support eligible groups with grant payments from funding provided by our Social Action Fund as part of what I hope will be a comprehensive support package. It is important that Penzance’s community can be practically helped at this time and it makes perfect sense that we use our Social Action to ensure that those groups who are out there, in the community, with the expertise and contacts, are able to do their jobs without worrying about finances. The well being of thousands of our residents is reliant on these groups and we want those groups to be able to rely on us. “

Penzance Council are continuing to look for additional groups and organisations who are out there helping our community. We must stress that to get this support to those who really need it we need any groups or organisations working in our community during this crisis to come forward and apply for a grant. It’s a simple form and there is a good chance that, if you are helping our people then we will be able to help you.

If you would like to apply for a Social Action Fund Grant then please email for an application form.