Cornwall Council issues new information in latest coronavirus briefing

 Cornwall Council leader Julian German, chief executive Kate Kennally and assistant director of public health Rachel Wigglesworth provide an update on the council's response to the Covid-19 pandemic

They gave details about a new campaign to attract 400 extra care workers across Cornwall, aid for those having difficulty paying council tax as well as more details about financial support for 26,000 businesses in the county.

They also spoke about setting up temporary mortuary facilities in the county, emergency food parcels, supporting those most vulnerable to the virus, and the latest on personal protective equipment for those working in health and social care.

The council leaders also reiterated the importance of adhering to the government lockdown and social distancing advice as it could “almost halve the predicted number of deaths in Cornwall”.

Mr German said: “My key message to residents of Cornwall is please heed government advice and public health advice to slow the spread of the coronavirus in order to ensure our health and social care services can cope with the demand placed upon them.”

You can watch the briefing on Cornwall Live HERE