A guide to the new rules about the lockdown


Here is an update on what the PM said on Sunday 10th May in his speech and also what the follow up guidance was on Monday 11th May.

In his speech on Sunday he said that it wasn’t the time to end the lockdown.

He also said that the country will taking ‘the first careful steps to modify our measures’.

These include:

  • A new Covid19 alert system. The level is determined by the R. (This is the reproduction rate of the virus). The lower the R level the lower the measures will be.

  • If you can’t work from home you should go to work. Your employer will be given new guidance on how to allow you to go back to work and be safe.

From Wednesday you will be allowed to take unlimited exercise outside. You will also be allowed to sit in a park, drive to other places to exercise and play sport with members of your own household.

Schools could return in early June, beginning with Reception, Yr 1 and Year 6.

Bars, restaurants and hotels could open from early July.

On Monday 11th the government issued the following guidance:

We should all wear face coverings when in spaces where social distancing can’t be maintained – places like buses or shops.

From Wednesday 13th:

  • We can spend time outdoors e.g. sunbathing or sitting on a bench or walking.

  • We can exercise outdoors more than once a day but we must adhere to the social distancing rules.

  • We can use outdoor sports facilities - like tennis courts or football pitches – to play sports but only with members of our household or one other person but making sure we stay 2 metres apart from that one other person.

  • We can drive as far as we want to exercise but we must observe the rules of the devolved administrations – Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • We can meet one person from a different household outdoors whilst still maintaining social distancing.

  • We can go to a garden centre.

There will be increased fines for breaking any of these rules. They will be £100.00 reduced to £50.00 if paid early (instead of £60.00/£30.00)

Key points from the Prime Ministers breifing on Monday 11th May:

  • The next steps in the lifting of lockdown will only be taken when the data allows it.

  • The new message is ‘Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives’.

‘Stay Alert’ for the vast majority of people still means stay at home as much as possible.

It also includes:

  • Limit the contact you have with others

  • Wash your hands as often as possible

  • Self isolate if you or any member of your household has symptoms.


If you need any further clarification we will be updating the infrmation as Central Government release it.